What is Minecraft Kids server?
Minecraft Kids is a Minecraft server for kids 15 years and below, providing a safe environment to create, build, fight, explore, collaborate and invent. Admin are the only adults with two New Zealand registered teacher who manages the site.

How do I join?
You need to be invited by an Admin / Member who knows you and can verify that you are in primary or intermediate school?
Your parents or teacher can email to request your membership. We need to be able to verify you are under 15 years old.

Can I invite my friends?
Yes, as long as you vouch for them. That means you swear you know them and that they are under 15 years old.
Email Shaun (mindcraftkids@gmail.com) and give him your friends details. (We promise to never share your information and keep it private. You must promise to take your parents on a tour of the world so they know where you are playing. You may give my email to your parents if they have any questions.)

Who are the Admin on Minecraft Kids server?
Shaun Wood (ShaunWoodnz) owns and is the main Admin for the server. - Teacher
Donna Davis (Donnad77) is Admin on the server. - Teacher
Jared (Jrbnz) is an invisible adult admin and builder.